Landlords’ Guide to Michigan Lease Agreements

Are you a landlord in Michigan? Looking for a comprehensive manual to expertise rent agreements in the kingdom? Look no further. This article is customized to meet your needs.

Whether you’re new to the business or have years of experience, understanding the criminal necessities and awesome practices for hire agreements is important. From required disclosures to eviction notices, we can offer you with a complete evaluation of the legal guidelines and regulations that govern lease agreements in Michigan.

Let’s get began out and empower you with the information you want.

Required Disclosures

As a landlord in Michigan, you’re required to offer tenants with severa important disclosures while stepping into a Michigan lease agreement, Additionally known as a Michigan residential rent agreement or Michigan apartment rent settlement.

These disclosures include the lead-primarily based paint disclosure required under Title X, Section 1018, which informs tenants about the ability presence of lead-primarily based paint within the property.

Additionally, you must offer the tenant along with your identity as the owner or agent, as mandated through MCL § 554.634.

The Truth in Renting Act, additionally governed with the resource of MCL § 554.634, requires you to expose effective information approximately the condominium property to the tenant.

You’re moreover obligated to offer a protection deposit receipt (MCL § 554.603) and skip-in/circulate-out checklists (MCL § 554.608).

These disclosures ensure transparency and shield the rights of each landlords and tenants in Michigan.

Rent and Fees

To retain the discussion from the previous subtopic, when renting a belongings in Michigan, you need to recognize the policies regarding rent and charges.

In Michigan, there are no guidelines on utility expenses or late charge limits. Rent manage is likewise banned, allowing landlords to set their personal condo charges.

However, there are policies on protection deposits. The amount restrict for safety deposits is 1.Five months’ hire, and landlords are required to go back the deposit interior 30 days. It’s essential to observe that there can be no requirement for landlords to pay hobby on protection deposits.

Familiarize your self with those rules to make certain you are in compliance with Michigan’s laws while you’re crafting your rent agreement.

Fair Housing Protections

Your duty as a landlord in Michigan is to ensure honest housing protections for all tenants. Under Michigan regulation, it’s miles unlawful to discriminate against tenants based on race, shade, countrywide starting location, religion, or intercourse. This way you can not refuse to hire to someone or cope with them in a unique way due to their race, color, national beginning, faith.

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with those blanketed lessons and make sure which you’re treating all tenants equally. By information and adhering to honest housing legal guidelines, you may create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all tenants.


When can you enter a rental assets in Michigan without giving improve notice?

In Michigan, there is no kingdom law that requires landlords to provide boost observe before coming into a condo assets. This manner that as a landlord, you have the proper to go into the property with out giving any earlier be aware to the tenant. However, it’s vital to exercise this proper responsibly and respectfully, thinking of the privacy and comfort of your tenants.

While Michigan nation regulation doesn’t specify any time-of-day restrictions for coming into, it’s normally encouraged to schedule visits for the duration of affordable hours, fending off early mornings, past due nights, or any other instances which can disrupt the tenant’s each day ordinary.

Additionally, there aren’t any unique laws in Michigan regarding emergency entry without word, so it is beneficial to apply your exceptional judgment and best enter in emergency situations where instant motion is necessary.

Whatever suggestions you choose, make sure to include that coverage to your lease. 

Eviction Notices

If a tenant in Michigan violates the phrases in their hire settlement, you’ve got the right as a landlord to problem an eviction note. There are one-of-a-kind kinds of eviction notices depending at the violation.

For nonpayment of lease, you could trouble a Rent Demand Notice, giving the tenant 7 days to pay or cease.

If the tenant violates the rent in some other way, inclusive of causing damage to the property or stressful other tenants, you could problem a Lease Violation Notice, giving them 30 days to end.

In instances of material fitness or protection violations or violence, you could provide the tenant a Notice to Quit, giving them 7 days to cure or stop.

In instances of illegal drug activity, you may issue an Unconditional Notice to Quit, giving the tenant 24 hours to end.

Lastly, in case you do not desire to resume a year-to-12 months lease, you may terminate it with a Notice to Quit.

It’s critical to observe the proper methods and timelines while issuing eviction notices to defend your rights as a landlord.


In conclusion, as a landlord in Michigan, it’s essential to have a solid knowledge of rent agreements.

By familiarizing your self with the legal requirements and great practices outlined on this manual, you may with a bit of luck navigate the leasing method and efficiently manage your condo homes.

Remember to adhere to required disclosures, comply with truthful housing protections, and apprehend eviction notices to make sure a a success and legally compliant landlord-tenant dating.


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