Çeciir: Unraveling the Origins and Significance

In the world of languages and words there are words which could be easily recognized by people but in addition there are a few words which could not be recognized conveniently and are mysterious for those who don’t know about them.Such words are not only mysterious but also cause an unknown curiousness in mind that makes one disturbed and mentally upset.”Çeciir” is also the same kind of word which makes one curious.It is a Turkish word and is usually spoken everywhere like markets, work places, in daily routine, etc. So, it would be interesting and advantageous to have knowledge about this term.

Origin of Term “Çeciir”:

          In order to visit somewhere one should have a brief knowledge about the language and the words spoken by them.If someone wants to have a visit to turkey then he would like to have knowledge about the term “Çeciir“.This is  a Turkish word and is derived from the old ottoman Turkish vocabulary word “çekirdek” which means “seed” or “core”.From this term has the word “çeciir” been derived which means “wallet” or “purse”.In the same way, the term “core” has the reflecting meaning to the “çeciir” as wallets, purse, hand bags, etc.

Easy meanings of “Çeciir”:

            The term “çeciir” does not only means wallet or purse.It represents all the bags which includes women’s longer chained bags, smaller coin bags, men’s pocket wallets, tourists bags, women’s clutch wallets,etc.It may also be a suitcase.

             In other words, it literally means all the bags, wallets, purses used to carry personal items such as coins, clothes, make up items, luggage, and other accessories, etc. Even it may be a small personal coin carrying bag or a large tourist bag.

Importance of the term “Çeciir”:

        The term “Çeciir” has a great importance in almost every field of life such as:

Daily Life Importance;

            In daily life, Turkish people frequently use the term “çeciir” for their purses, wallets, and bags, etc. because without bags it is very difficult to deal with the daily routine items such as, grocery items, clothes, and other shopping items, etc.Even men and women also use “çeciir” for protecting their money and important documents too from being lost.

Importance in work places;

            An experienced and expert worker always have it’s tools and important instruments with him in a bag to help him in his work.In this way, Turkish workers use the term “çeciir” for their bags.

Importance For Learners;

            The term “çeciir” is not just a word, it is a part of Turkish vocabulary and Turkish people frequently use it in their lives and getting knowledge about this word increases learners interest towards the other vocabulary words.

Modern Usage of “çeciir”:

            In modern days, Turkish people use this term for all kinds of personal wallets, purses, and bags. Moreover, it is the standard way to refer to any kind of bag.

Importance for tourists:

            The term “çeciir” is very valuable for the tourists. People who want to  plan any tour of the foreign countries like Turkey should know a few vocabulary terms like “çeciir” to make their visit more valuable and advantageous because every tourist has a luggage bag with him and without knowing the bag’s Turkish translation which is “çeciir” it would be difficult for the tourists to even talk about their bags to any taxi driver or other transport drivers because they only use the term “çeciir”for the bags.

In Student’s Life:

             For a student, his books are everything. His wealth, his jewelry and all his property are his books for him. And for the protection of these books and for their own convenience each student has a bag without which he is not a student. So, for the students who want to study in foreign countries like Turkey ,it is really very necessary to know about the term “çeciir” which means bags, wallets or purses.


           From the above discussion, we conclude that if someone wants to visit Turkey then the term “çeciir” would be a great addition to it’s vocabulary because this word refers to all the bags in Turkish language. So the visitors have not to use any different term for the hand bags, wallets and purses in any shopping case or while transport in Turkey.

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