Diving Deep: λιβαισ Explored

In everyday life of a person here a few moments when he feels quite off, out of sorts and finds everything natural and usual. Everyone has the same mental situation during this state of mind when he seems quite pathetic, dull and uninteresting.”λιβαισ“is a term used for such kind of mental situation.

What is λιβαισ:

              λιβαισ is a Greek word that means “flow” or “smoothness”. This term refers  to a temporary mental condition. We use the term”λιβαισ” for the situation when one feels quite dull and dry, and feels everything uninteresting. Here is no one in this world who would not have faced this situation in his life.This condition takes place in the life of every man and woman when he/she feels quite uninteresting, off moody, and finds everything natural and uninteresting. IN this situation he even finds every special thing as general and uninteresting.All those activities that usually excite him seems dull and uninteresting during such mental situation.”λιβαισ” may badly affect one’s productivity, behavior and relationships.

Origin Of “λιβαισ”:

               The term “λιβαισ”date backs to the ancient Greece. This term roughly means to “flow” or “smoothness”.In ancient, times an oil was extracted from tree named “λιβαισ”.It was used as an ointment and a perfume which is valued for it’s medicinal properties and fragrance respectively.

Ancient use of “λιβαισ”:

                In the early ages, people used to extract oil form “λιβαισ” plant to use it in perfumes, ointments and a lot of  medicines.This oil was used for the           treatment of skin infections or other skin problems because it was antifungal and anti-inflammatory. The famous Greek physician “Pedanius Dioscorides” firstly used “λιβαισ” as a medicine in 50 A.D. in his work “De Materia Medica” which means “On Medical Material”.In ancient times “λιβαισ” was also used for mummification.

Modern Uses:

                Nowadays “λιβαισ” is used in perfumes, herbal medicines and aromatherapy etc.”λιβαισ” oil is used to solve many issues like anxiety, mental disturbance and insomnia etc.It is also used as antifungal medicine and also provides protection against many fungal infections such a s athlete’s foot.

Use in Cooking:

               “λιβαισ” oil is used for cooking purposes it provides flavor and fragrance to the meats like lamb, duck etc.The meat cooked in “λιβαισ” oil has a better flavor and the food cooked in this oil smells to be very delicious and tasty which enforces one to taste that food.

Use in Medicine:

                 “λιβαισ” oil is very valuable in medication as it is very effective against fungal infections and also provides a smooth fragrance to the medicine. As some medicines smell very irritating due to which patients try to prevent these medicines but that irritating smell is removed by “λιβαισ”.

Use in Cosmetics:

                 “λιβαισ” is used in soaps, shampooes, perfumes etc. Moreover, it is also used in many skin care products because it is antifungal and provides protection against many fungal infections.In this way, it protects the human skin from damage resulting from infections.


                 From the above written article, we conclude that “λιβαισ” provides harmony and peace to the mind.One becomes free from all kinds of tensions disturbances, feels himself dull and finds everything uninteresting for which he was usually excited.During this state of mind one could focus on his work with more attention and does it better than usual because all his attention is towards his work anything taking place near him is worthless during this situation.

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