Silent Movie Star Myrtle Gonzalez Memorialized

 We know that movies and films have been a well known source of entertainment all across the world and still these are the best boredom solution during spare time.Silent films have been the best source of entertainment for years and Myrtle Gonzalez” is the most well known personality for silent films when we look back to the silent films of 1900.

Who was “Myrtle Gonzalez”?

                 “Myrtle Gonzalez” was a famous American silent films actress who gained popularity in over 80 films in between 1913 to 1917.She was a versatile actress who was able to paly a variety of roles from an innocent heroine to a scheming villain.

Biography of “Myrtle Gonzalez”:

       Here in this section we will go through the complete life history of “Myrtle Gonzalez”:


      “Myrtle Gonzalez was born on September 28,1891 in los Angeles, California.


     “Myrtle Gonzalez” was born to Manuel George Gonzalez and Lillian L.Cook in Los Angeles, California on September 28,1891.


     “Myrtle Gonzalez” had two siblings Stella M.Gonzalez and Manuel G.Gonzalez Jr.

Family Background:

        “Myrtle Gonzalez” was born to Manuel George Gonzalez and Lillian L.Cook.Her father was a retail grocer and her mother was a former opera and popular singer.Her father was a Mexican and her mother was an Irish woman.Her family Background gave her a rich cultural heritage that influenced her artistic sensibilities.

Marriage Life:

           “Myrtle Gonzalez ” married James Parks Jones circa in 1910 and they had a son together but unfortunately they divorced.And in 1917,  “Myrtle Gonzalez ” married to Allen Watt and both of them were together until Myrtle’s death.

Myrtle Gonzalez’s Children:

             “Myrtle Gonzalez” had only one son named “James Parks Jones Jr.” with James Parks Jones circs before they divorced.

Career Information:

               Here is no information available about the formal education of “Myrtle Gonzalez” but it is known that she started her career as a Soprano, singing in concerts and church choirs.She also appeared on stage with Fanny Davenport and Florence Stone.She starred in over 80 silent films in between 1913 to 1970 before her death.

In 1913 she made her film debut in the Vitagraph short film “The Yellow Streak” that gained popularity and thus she became a regular performer of Vitagraph.In 1913 “Myrtle Gonzalez” starred in the Vitagraph feature film “The Chalice of Courage”.This film was a major success for box office and after it she continued to star in various popular films including”The Little Sheriff”, “The Secret of the Swamp”, and “The Girl of Lost Lake”.


       “Myrtle Gonzalez” died of Spanish flu on October 22, 1918 at the age of about 27.Even if she had a short career but still she is remembered as one of the most popular silent films actresses of her era.Her death was a great loss for the silent film industry.

Net worth of “Myrtle Gonzalez”:

                   Even “Myrtle Gonzalez” had a short life span and a more shorter career in film industry but still she made a great popularity in the last few years for her life due to her outstanding performance in her short films and at the peak of her career she was earning almost $500 per week which was a substantial amount in the early 1910’s.Considering her income and expenses, it is estimated that at the time of death in 1918 Myrtle Gonzalez’s net worth was almost $100,000 to about $250,000.

                 She lived a small but lavish lifestyle and had a number of houses and cars and had been a film star in her career.

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