Unraveling the Mystery: Hasbulla Age Revealed

Today we are living in the world of social media where various social media celebrities entertain us via various activities and pranks and these celebrities have a lot of fans all over the world who watch them and get inspiration from their videos and “Hasbulla” is one of the most popular social media celebrity and many people are curious to know his age due to which “Hasbulla Age” is the most common topic to be searched about him.

Who is Hasbulla?

                Hasbulla is a Russian social media celebrity who is known all over the world for his MMA spoof and pranks videos.His full name is “Hasbulla Magomedov” and his nickname is “mini Khabib”.Here in this article we will go through a complete information about Hasbulla age, hight, weight and in short his complete biography.  

What do you know about “Hasbulla Age”?

                   Hasbulla is of the most popular social media celebrity famous for his viral tik tok videos and as a celebrity many people are curious about his age due to his short hight and “Hasbulla Age” has become a most searched topic nowadays on internet.He was born in 2002 on July 07, according to which he is still 21 years old.

Curiosity behind knowing “Hasbulla’s age”?

                       Hasbulla is a famous social media celebrity who is famous all over the world for his MMA spoof and prank video.And as a celebrity many people are curious to know his age because his hight is too short as compared to his performance and many people think that he is a child but that’s not true.As we’ve already mentioned that he is still almost 21 years old in 2023.

Biography of Hasbulla:

                Here in this section we will discuss the complete biography of Hasbulla.

Hasbulla Age:

     As mentioned earlier Hasbulla was born on July 07, 2002 according to which he is 21 years old (as in 2023).


       The main reason that raises curiosity behind knowing Hasbulla Age is his hight.He  is almost 102 cm in height and in meters he is almost 1.02 meter and in feets and inches he is 3′ 4′ ‘ which is too short with respect to his age.


       As he he has short height so due to which he is still 18Kg even at the age of 21 and if we measure it in ponds then he us almost 40 lbs in weight.


          He was born in Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, Russia.So, his nationality is Russian.

Medical Report:

          As shown by his small height, his medicall reports has also shown that he is preyed upon by Dwarfism, which causes due to the lack of growth hormone (Somatotropin).

Habits of Hasbulla:

Food habits:

         If you want to know Hisbulla’s food habit then he is a non-vegetarian.


          He wanted to become an MMA fighter in his childhood but due to small hight he could not pursue MMA professionally so he started making MMA spoof and prank videos.

Cat lover:

          He is a cat lover and also owns a pet cat.


      He has trained riding an ATV and a helicopter.

When did he gain popularity:

             Hisbulla’s first video gained popularity in 2021 when he made a high profile spoof on the Russian martial artist “Khabib Nurmagomedov”.Soon his video went viral and he got a chance to meet Kahbib.

In short:

           In short Hisbulla is one of the most famous social media personalities who is famous for MMA spoof and prank videos.And due to his small hight as a social media personality many people are curious to know Hisbulla Age and this article provides a complete information about Hisbulla age, hight, weight, nationality and more you need to know about him. 

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