Beyond Words: Teltlk Unveiled

In this advanced era of social media everyone is looking for the safest  platforms that give priority to the privacy and security of the users.But today it is very difficult to search for a platform that prioritize the security and privacy of the users.But the solution to this problem has been identified. Here is a newly designed platform “teltlk” that prioritize the security and privacy of the users.

What is “Teltlk”?:

              It is a newly designed social media platform that provides it’s users a highly secure and private network.It is a platform that allows people to create intimate communications with their friends and relatives with greater privacy and security. This feature of “Teltlk” makes it different from the other platforms which collect information from their users and sell that data to other platforms.”Teltlk” allows it’s users to communicate with each other without any problem. Without any risk of data loss users could communicate with each other, could send and receive text messages, photos, online videos and documents etc.

Best paltform for communication:

              “Teltlk” is a best platform for communication with friends, family, and relatives without any risk or fear of data leakage because it is a highly private and secure platform that prioritize the privacy and security of it’s users.It is also a best communication platform for business teams by which they could easily and safely communicate with each other and discuss any problem faced by them with greater privacy.

Features of “Teltlk”:

                This newly designed highly secure platform has many features a few of which are discussed below:


Text Messaging:

               By using this platform users could easily communicate with their friends, family, relatives and business partners.Due to it’s text messaging feature and higher security, users could fearlessly discuss any matter with each other without the fear of data loss.

Voice and Video calling:

                “Teltlk” also allows it’s users to process any voice call or video call with all his dear people including friends, family, relatives etc.Its video call feature also helps business partners to discuss any business problem faced by them more efficiently than the text messages or mails.It is just like sitting together face to face.

Files and documents Sharing Feature:

                 The users could share any kind of files and documents by the files sharing feature of “Teltlk”.Any kind of important document could be easily shared on the spot by using It’s files and documents sharing features.And there is not any risk of data loss on “Teltlk” because it is the most safest and secure social media platform so, here is no chance for anyone to lose his personal data.

End to End encryption:

                   Any kind of information discussed by the users is just between them because all the chats, voice calls and video calls are end to end encrypted.So, no one other than the account holder could access that information even when it is in the form of files or text messages.

                 The users could be connected to each other by different ways such as:

Family or Friends Channels:

                The users could create any channel in which they could discuss any problem or could plan any event while connected to each other.In these channels they could select their friends, family members, relatives and whoever they want as a member of the channel.In this way any problem any matter could be discussed collectively by connecting to all the members of the channel.

Self-destruction Channel:

                 The users could also create a self destruction channel for the completion of any specific task and after the completion of that task the channel destroys itself.In this way here is no chance for any information to get leaked.

               In simple words, “Teltlk” is a totally secure communication platform.Any kind of information, any kind of photos, videos, files and documents shared on “Teltlk” are totally private, secured and end to end encrypted just between the sender and the receiver.


                 From the above discussion, we conclude that “Teltlk” is the most secure and private social media platform that provides complete satisfaction to it’s users with respect to privacy and security of their data.Unlike other platforms that leaks their user’s data, here is no chance of any kind of data loss on “Teltlk” because it is the most safest and secure social media platform.

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