Leidsa Chronicles: Tales of Luck, Strategy, and Jackpots

You have often heard about the term lottery and most of the people always wait for any life changing lottery.And if you are searching for any lottery ticket then in this case “Leidsa” would be the best platform for you to get a chance to change your lifestyle.

What is “Leidsa”?

                 It is one of the most popular lottery providing platforms that offers it’s participants to win million dollar prizes every day.It provides life changing chances to the lottery participants every day and the every winner daily gets millions of dollars.

How to participate in “Leidsa” lottery:

                To participate in the “leidsa” lottery you will have to follow the steps given below:

Purchase lottery ticket:

                In order to participate in the “Leidsa” lottery, first of all you will have to purchase a lottery ticket from an authorized sales point.

Choose number:

                 The lottery ticket will have a series of numbers so you will have to choose a number which you think could be lucky for you.After choosing the number give the ticket to the sales agent and you will receive a receipt in return.Then you will have to save that receipt as it will qualify you for the winning prizes.

Ticket Price:

             The lottery ticket may cost RD$30.00(0.50 cent) and you can play as many times as you want.

How to Claim prizes?

               In order to claim winning prizes of the lottery ticket you will have to match thirty six numbers out of the thirty eight pins drawn on that day.Those participants are also awarded cash prizes who match five, four, and three numbers.

Lottery Timings:

            “Leidsa” draws take place at many times in a day such as Quiniela palé electrónico drawing starts at 2:55 PM(Easter Time) while Súper Kino TV drawing start at 9:00 PM and the loto pool and mega tres Más have their own specific timings.

Popular Draws in “Leidsa”:

               Following are a few details of most popular Draws on “Leidsa”:

1). Super Más Draw:

                  Super Más is one of the most popular draws on “Leidsa” that provides it’s participants different chances to win fantastic prizes every day.In order to win the jackpot choose six numbers from 1 to 35 and if all the numbers match then the jackpot is yours.It also offers a golden number that increases your prizes if it matches any of the selected numbers.

2). Loto pool draw:

                   Loto Pool draw is also one of the famous draws of “Leidsa“.It starts at 8:55 PM daily from Monday to Friday and on Saturday it starts at 5:55 PM.In order to win the jackpot you will have to choose six numbers from 1 to 36 and an additional number from 1 to 8.Matching all six main numbers and the additional number makes you the winner of the jackpot.It offers a prize of one million pesos(almost 18 thousand dollars) by matching five numbers from the drawn 31 numbers.

3). Súper Kino TV draw:

                     Súper Kino TV draw takes place daily at 8:55 PM and it costs RD$30.00 for each play.

4). Super Palé draw:

                      Super palé draw is also one of the famous draws at “Leidsa” which offers a chance to win the first prize in the lottery and Electronic Palé draw and as well as first prize in international lottery.The minimum bet on super palé draw is RD$1 and the maximum prize is RD$3,000 per bet.


                  From the above written article we conclude that “Leidsa” is one of the best lottery providing platforms that provides a lot of amazing prize winning chances everyday.It is gaining immense popularity in the Dominican republic as it offers million-dollars prize winning chances to it’s participants every day.If you want to win fantastic prizes by just minimum effort then “Leidsa” lottery is one of the best ways to fulfill your desire.And this article will provide you a complete guide about “Leidsa” and it’s various draws and prize details.

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