TanzoHub Chronicles: Navigating the Future of Tech

 In this vast universe, almost everyone has interests in something which he wants to do but do not get opportunities to do so and leave all the desires incomplete. Here are too many people in this world who love dance and want to become a professional dancers but due to daily business, other daily life problems and lack of resources they face difficulty in fulfilling their dreams and even some people leave their dreams incomplete and spend their whole life in just thinking about that. But now “TanzoHub” has solved this problem for the dance lovers.

What is TanzoHub:

             It is a newly designed platform that provides free dance courses and online live classis to anyone who want to learn any kind of dance step-by-step. It  provides a connection between dance trainers and their students via live video streaming and already driven lessons to explore themselves for those who want to become a dancer and to those who want to improve their already driven dancing skills and become a professional dancer but could not do so earlier due to lack of resources, daily life problems and other household and business issues.It provides all kinds of dance services to it’s users such as salsa, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary, Bollywood, and many more you want.

Foundation of  TanzoHub:

             This platform which provides a free online marketplace for dance instructions was founded in 2019.It provides it’s users with everything needed for a better dance experience.

Services offered by “TanzoHub”:

             It offers a lot of services to it’s users a few off which are given as follows:

Video class Facility:

            This platform provides high quality video classes facility to it’s users due to which they could learn all the dance steps one by one on their Device’s screen while at home without stopping their everyday business or without any hardship to go to any dance club for classes.

Scheduled Classes:

             It provides scheduled classes facility to it’s users by which they could enjoy their classes daily at the same time whenever they want to fit their classes when they think they are free from their jobs and household works etc.

Private classes or group classes:

              It also provides private class facility to it’s users by which they could enjoy a separate class with their instructor free from any disturbance. It also offers group classes facility to it’s users by which they could clear overall doubts and confusions and also get an access to other’s thoughts. Private classes provide more experience as compared to the group classes but group classes are easily affordable for the users.

Experienced  instructors:

              “TanzoHub” chooses highly experienced and skilled instructors for it’s users. It evaluate it’s instructors not only by their experience and skills but also by their communication skills, behavior, ethics, etc.Only the top instructors are selected as a staff for the platform to teach students so that students could have a chance to get skills from the top and highly experienced instructors which widen their skills and also help them to become a professional dancer. 

Questioning Facility:

             This platform also provides questioning facility to it’s users. If the users face any problem in their work or have any doubt in any dance step the are capable to question in the comment section of the video and the instructors are bound to answer the question and solve their problems. So, in this way, all the doubts and problems of a user are easily solved.

Easy Start:

              The users can have an easy start to any of the dance course they want to learn without any problem of having equipment’s the only thing needed is just a device and an internet connection. Whereas this facility is not available in any dance club.In any dance club, if you want to learn any course than it’s necessary for you to have the required equipments.So “TanzoHub” has solved this problem and made it easy for the students to take an easy start to their journey.

Levelled Courses:

              It provides it’s users with a leveled Courses facility by which they could start any course at any experience level.Courses range from beginners to advanced.So, the people who are already in dancing field but want to gain more skills could choose advance courses for them without waiting for the beginners.

Features of “TanzoHub”:

             “TanzoHub” is a newly designed users friendly platform that has a lot of features for the convenience of it’s users, a few if which are underneath:


Synchronizing Ability:

             With it’s synchronizing ability “TanzoHub” synchronizes all the applications,  contacts, calendar, etc. across all your devices so here is no need of any management of these applications across the other devices having same account.

Texting Feature:

             With the texting Feature of “TanzoHub” it allows it’s users to get connected to anyone of it’s contacts without caring any privacy because all the conservations are end to end encrypted.

Customer service:

             If the platform users are facing any difficulty in their courses or face any problem in any service offered by the platform then they could complain the management to fix the problem because “TanzoHub” provides 24/7 customer service to it’s users, which try to solve any problem faced by the users in using the platform as early as possible.


              “TanzoHub” is a newly designed online marketplace which provides a connection between dance instructors and  their students in a convenient way via live video streaming or online classes.This platform has made it easy for everyone to learn any kind of dance course any time while sitting at home and the only thing needed for this purpose is just a device and an internet connection.   


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