What is archivebate?

 Today we are living in a digital world where advances in the field of digital technology has revolutionized our lives by making everything more and more convenient for everyone.Today we could perform a number of tasks online with the help of various online platforms while sitting at home.Today we use various web browser and search a number of pages and articles on them but we cannot save the read articles or pages but “Archivebate” is a solid solution to your problem.

What is “Archivebate”?

                 “Archivebate” is a newly designed tool that is used to save various web pages and articles for later reading.It has reduced the hurdle of searching any web page or article again and again.It also helps to save your social media content.

Key Features of “Archivebate”:

                “Archivebate” has a number of key features which make it loved by everyone and a few of its features are given below:

Saving Pages:

             “Archivebate” allows users to save any web page or article they want to read later whereas if we want to see any web page or read any article on our web browsers again again, we will have to search it every time we want to see it.Whereas “Archivebate” has reduced the hurdle.

Saving Social Media Content:

                “Archivebate” also helps us to save our social media content.In other words, it helps us archive all our social media posts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media posts.

Saving Memories:

               Memories are the collection of our whole life and everyone wants to have the memories of the beautiful moments of his life.“Archivebate” also helps us to save all of our life’s beautiful memories in a separate folder.

Protection of content:

                 “Archivebate” provides protection to all our social media content including video posts and photos.It helps us to archive all our data in order to protect our privacy.It also allows to keep a password to access your files so the only person who could access your files is just you and the person you want.

User-friendly interface:

                 The user-friendly interface of the tool makes it easy for anyone to use it and protect his personal social media data and save web pages and articles.So, the tool is simple to use and there is no need for any specialization for using the tool.


Cost free service:

               One of the main features of “Archivebate” is that it offers all of its services free of cost which means that you could archive your social media posts, life memories and articles and web pages with the help of “Archivebate” even without purchasing any subscription plan or spending any money.

Privacy Policy:

                While taking any step privacy is our first priority. “Archivebate” helps us to protect all our social media files, and other content including video posts and pictures by archiving them and by its locking feature, it’s only you who could access your personal files you have saved in the tool.


               From the above discussion we conclude that “Archivebate” is one of the most famous web based tools that helps you to save web pages and articles you want to read later and it also helps you to archive your social media posts including videos and photos nor your close friends or relatives could access your archived files.It also helps you to save the memories of the beautiful moments of your life by making a separate folder.So, in case you want to save web pages or archive your personal social media content then “Archivebate” could prove quite helpful for you.

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